What is Club Volleyball?

  • Club volleyball refers to USA Junior Olympic (JO) Volleyball, which is a highly organized, national competitive volleyball network designed to provide training and playing opportunities for young pre-college athletes. It is an avenue for players age 10 (and even younger) to 18 to receive advanced training and competition on local, regional and national stages. Many volleyball clubs exist both locally and nationally, most composed of multiple teams. All clubs compete under the same rules laid out by USA Volleyball.

Why play club volleyball?

  • Talented coaches. Many of the best volleyball minds choose to coach club. Extensive practice. The extended season offered by club gives players a chance to get thousands of valuable reps that ensure improvement in skills and fitness. Purposeful friendships. Club volleyball brings together like-minded athletes with similar goals and helps form friendships that can last a lifetime. Wide-ranging competition. Club volleyball tournaments are some of the largest, most competitive and fun sporting events out there. You get to test yourself against players and teams from all over the region.

Why New Wave?

  • New Wave is dedicated to the young athlete. Our goal is to provide a solid foundation of fundamental skills that will help them not only as an athlete but also as an individual. Our main focus for the younger division is to offer a safe, fun and competitive atmosphere. With the High School age we are gearing athletes towards competing on their varsity teams, and gaining exposure to college coaches while extending their volleyball career. You don’t have to pay big money to play big time!

When is the club season and how long does it last?

  • New Wave’s club season usually begins in early February and lasts until the Regional Championship in early to mid-May.

When and where do you practice?

  • Our primary practice facility is the YMCA in Newark. Practices are determined on gym availability. Other facilities are located in schools in the Licking County area. New Wave teams practice once a week in late Jan as gym times are crowded with basketball teams. Once the winter sports are over we will begin to practice twice a week through the end of the season in May.

Are the players able to participate in other activities?

  • While playing for New Wave requires hard work and dedication, our coaching staff provides excellent support to participants taking on multiple commitments. Establishing proper communication with your coach regarding other commitments will lead to a better experience for everyone involved.

How many players are on each team?

  • OHSAA rules allow for up to 3 players from any school on a club team. So, teams are made up of players from several schools. We ideally like to have 9-10 players on a team. We try to keep players from the same school together, but we can’t promise it.

When & where are tournaments?

  • Teams will play in 6 tournaments, including Regionals if eligible. Tournaments are in the Ohio area. We try to keep teams as close to home as possible. Parents are responsible for getting players to/from the tournaments. Coaches do not drive players.